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Making Maps: Updated Resources Pages

Google Earth image of heart-shaped islandIn one of my previous posts, I put up an essay talking about how we should be “gentle with ourselves, but fierce fighting oppression.”  So this is me trying to be gentle with myself. *wry smile*  I’ve been trying to get new posts up more often than this, but things in my life have been somewhat stressful and busy recently.  In the meantime, though, I’ve also been adding to and updating some of my Pages. In particular, you might want to check out the Maps & Charts one, which leads to several pages on various resources for polyamorous, non-monogamous, or other relationships. If you’re looking for books to read, other sites to visit, tools for relating, or a group to join in your area, there’s something here for you. I’ll be updating, adding, and probably restructuring, so check back on occasion to see if there’s more that you’re interested in.  And as always, if there’s something cool out there that you want to bring to my attention, please, by all means, let me know! I love being able to share good resources with lots of people.

Smooth sailing!

~♥ Dawn

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