5 Ways to Meet Open-Hearted People

Ever wonder how to meet other polyamorous, open, or ethically non-monogamous people?  Feel like you must be the only “weirdo” in the country?  Wish there were a way to connect with people in person… or conversely do you wish there were a way to find out more about this “new” lifestyle without leaving your living room?  Well, congratulations, you’re in luck!

As a person with access to the Internet (which you must be if you’re reading these words), you have access to some of the most powerful tools there are to connect with other people, and learn about this collection of lifestyles that can loosely be grouped under the heading of “ethical non-monogamy,” “open-relationships,” and/or “polyamory.” (Not sure what these words mean? Check out this past article on my blog, where I discuss some of the differences, and what it means — in MY opinion, anyway! — to be “polyamorous.“) The Internet has had a truly profound effect on our culture, as it has allowed a way for people to fairly easily locate other people of like-mind.

5 Ways to Meet Polyamorous/Open People

In this series, I’m going to discuss 5 different ways you can learn more about these sorts of relationships, and/or meet other people who are interested in the same things … and might even want to date you!

1) Conferences — one-time, occasional, or periodic gatherings
[BONUS! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for info on the upcoming Atlanta Poly Weekend Conference]

2) Ongoing Local Meetings — discussion groups, potlucks, dinners, game nights and more

3) Primarily on-line discussion groups — e.g., Facebook groups, Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups, Meetup, e-mail lists

4) Dating and Social Sites — e.g., Polymatchmaker, OK Cupid, Ko-Tango

5) Crossover Interests — e.g., tantra, swinging, naturists, kink/BDSM

Watch this space over the next couple of weeks, as I’ll be discussing each one of these ways in more depth every couple of days, starting tomorrow (Friday 5/9/14) with “Conferences.” Each method has pros and cons, and I’ll have a few different links to offer for each one, some of which will be local to the SF Bay Area where I live, but others of which will be good for the whole US and/or the world (or at least as much of the world as is reached by the Internet!)

For The Impatient, a Link to Dawn’s Resources Page

For those of you who are impatient, here’s a link to some of my resources already, with links to a variety of ways you can obtain information and find other like-minded people.  (You’ll get more information and more value if you wait, though! 😉

Other polyamory/open-relationship resources — a roundup of links by Dawn.  Events, local groups, safer sex resources, cultural links, etc.

Scroll Down for Info on Atlanta Poly WeekendAtlanta Poly, Inc Logo

And at the bottom of this post I’m including a bonus announcement from Billy Holder of Atlanta, who is coordinating the fourth annual Atlanta Poly Weekend conference in June! Enjoy!

Remember:  No matter who or how many you love…

Love is ALWAYS ok!

~♥ Dawn

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[© 2014 Dawn M. Davidson]


Atlanta Poly, Inc LogoFor Immediate Release: Atlanta to Host International Conference on Polyamory


WHAT: Atlanta Poly Weekend is a celebration of diversity. During the three-day conference, participants will explore the intersections between the polyamorous community and other sub-cultures and movements. Participants will also discuss mainstream culture’s growing awareness of polyamory and the impact of this awareness both on polyamorous individuals and society as a whole.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to attend a wide variety of educational sessions on topics including everyday poly living, activism and community organizing, radical theory, and more – in lectures, workshops, discussion panels, and sharing of personal experience.

Atlanta Poly Weekend is being presented by Relationship Equality Foundation a Georgia Non Profit.

Speakers: Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, Ph.D Sociologist, Franklin Veaux Author and Activist, Nichole Little Exec. Dir. Sexual Health Education Research & Outreach (SHERO), Dr. Ken Haslam, MD Kinsey Institute, and over 15 others.

Sponsors: Relationship Equality Foundation, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Joystick Gamebar

WHEN: June 6-8 2014

WHERE: Holiday Inn Perimeter Chamblee Dunwoody RD, Atlanta, GA U.S.A.

ADMISSION $60.00 per person.  [Register Here!]

REGISTRATION:  Available at the conference. Online Before May 23rd 2014

Charity Lost and Found Youth Inc. Atlanta’s only housing facility for Homeless LGBT Youth

MEDIA CONTACT: Members of the media should contact Atlanta Poly Weekend for policies and registration, or for information about the event, attending the event, or those involved in organizing the event http://atlantapolyweekend.com/media-policy/ or Billy@atlantapolyweekend.com 404-910-7033



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