What is this ‘polyamory’ thing, anyway?

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:  What is this ‘polyamory’ thing, anyway?



Capital Letter A: Polyamory is word that means “Many Loves.”  In practice, it means the idea or practice of openly and honestly loving more than one person at a time in a romantic and/or sexual manner.  Polyamorous people believe that “love shared is love multiplied.”  There are many ways to “do” polyamory (or ‘poly’ for short), but at the heart of all of them is the idea that love is a wonderful and beautiful thing, and that at least for some people, it’s natural to express that love for multiple partners at the same time.

You can find more information about polyamory on the Resources Page.


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2 thoughts on “What is this ‘polyamory’ thing, anyway?

  1. Steven Mack

    Hi Dawn,

    I’ve been looking at those terms of ethical non-monogamous relationships. Now I know that the difference between “hierarchal polyamory” and “non-hierarchal polyamory”, is that hierarchal polyamory involves a person having a primary partner and having several secondary partners. While non-hierarchal polyamory involves a person who has no rankings which includes primary/secondary/tertiary, in relationships. now in “non-hierarchal polyamory”, is it possible for a person to have multiple long-term relationships with no rankings like primary/secondary/tertiary?


    Steven Mack

    1. Uncharted Love / Love Outside the Box Post author

      Absolutely, Steven. There are definitely people who have long-term multiple relationships without “ranking them.” One way of approaching this is to do something called “solo poly,” in which each person is presumed to be the center of their own life, and responsible for themselves. In fact, I wrote a whole post about that recently:
      You may want to check it out!


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