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on Love Outside The Box Services

Contact me at: or by phone: 510-686-3386

  • Relationship coaching and facilitation, especially for alternative relationships and others that are “outside the box”
  • Speaker and expert on the alternative relationship style of polyamory (open and honest multiple relationships)
  • Workshop leader on a variety of topics, especially those related to polyamory and communication skills (e.g., personal growth, safer sex, jealousy, Agreeable Agreements™, conscious relating and more)
    • Presentations at Good Vibes (SF & Berkeley), Loving More Conferences (in New York, Colorado, Seattle, San Francisco, and Harbin Hotsprings CA), KinkFest (Portland), World Polyamory Association (Long Beach & Harbin Hotsprings), The Sharma Center (Seattle), Pure Pleasure (Santa Cruz), and more.
  • Study /focus /discussion group facilitation for up to 50 people
  • Shamanic journey work for individual growth and reclamation of parts of self lost, hidden, repressed or denied due to past trauma
  • Life milestone ceremonies including marriage, handfasting, relationship change, and conscious non-traumatic relationship endings; licensed to perform weddings in California

Money Back Guarantee: If, after experiencing my coaching, you’re completely dissatisfied, I’ll refund your money. I don’t want you to be dissatisfied any more than you do!  But please, give me a chance to make it right with you first. I’d prefer both of us feel the exchange has been worthwhile on all levels.


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