Colorful Letter O

Accepting ourselves

Colorful Letter One of the things I’m gradually learning is that the more I can accept ALL of who I am, the more I am a success at touching people’s lives, and inspiring them to live more fully and authentically. To the degree that I disown parts of myself, I undercut my own power and ability to function, sometimes in ways that hurt me FAR deeper than the loss I feared might have.

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I’m Dawn.

I’m polyamorous, pagan, bisexual, sex-positive, fat*, and kinky. I’m also a musician, a writer, have ADHD and have had Major Depressive episodes more than once in my life.  I’m separating (gradually) from my husband, I am a mother of a teen and a step-mom to wonderful grown woman.  I’m a crafty and creative former Girl Scout Leader, a counselor, a relationship facilitator, and a somewhat reluctant business-owner. My mother was a Methodist (“so I do the best I ca-a-an…!”). I’ve been known to lose my keys, my wallet, and my mind, all in one afternoon.

How about you?  :^)

~♥ Dawn


*that one’s really hard.  I’ve put it in and taken it out several times, changed it, tried to pretty it up (“I’m a fan of Health At Every Size”–which is true, but not all of it), joke about it (“I’m a recovering thin gal!”), and generally had a hard time just writing it.  But you know, this is about Accepting Ourselves, and most particularly in this case, me.  So here it is.


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