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Agreements Webinar Wed Aug 14th — Plus Discount!

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Robyn Trask, head of Loving More Nonprofit

Good news, everybody! Loving More Non-profit is continuing their informative webinar series, Wednesday August 14 at 7pm Mountain Time/6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern. This month’s webinar is on a topic near and dear to my own heart: “Negotiating Boundaries and Polyamorous Relationship Agreements.” It’ll be presented by head of Loving More, Robyn Trask,

NOTE: Usually these webinars are $9 for non-members of Loving More, but Robyn is allowing me to offer a special deal for you to get a 10% discount.  Just use code DAWND when you sign up for the webinar!

You can read the whole announcement and sign up for this month’s webinar here:

August 14th, 2013 – 7:00 pm Mountain Time
PLEASE NOTE: Time listed is Mountain – Space is limited!!

Negotiating Boundaries and Polyamorous Relationship Agreements
with Robyn Trask

One of the biggest challenges in polyamorous relationships (actually all relationships) is understanding our boundaries, creating agreements that work as well as knowing how to negotiate and navigate the complexity of our emotional responses. This webinar will go through the basics of understanding boundaries and negotiating agreements that help create a safe container to expand love and connections. Included in the discussion will be safer sex agreements, how agreements change and evolve over time, finding what works for you and your partner/s and how agreements can be an important part in expending connections and creating lasting relationships.

Register Here

*Registration for this webinar is FREE for Loving More annual and monthly donating members, or is $9 for non-members, and is on a first come, first serve basis. You must fill out the registration form from the link below to attend.

Remember:  Use Discount code DAWND for 10% off when you register!

Members need to contact Loving More directly — — to receive member discount information. Include full name and and  type of donating member – monthly or annual.

(PSSST: Want to try out the Loving More webinar series for FREE?  Listen to the recording of the May webinar anytime!  — “Beyond Monogamy? Introduction to Polyamory and Other Relationship Choices” with Robyn Trask)

Want yet more information about Agreements?  Check out my KISSable Agreements Workbook entries! Or download the excerpt of the workbook, called Getting to Win-Win-Win.

May you always love boldly, safely, and well!

~♥ Dawn

PS: Want to set up some Agreements for yourself, but don’t know where to start? I’m happy to do a free 30 minute, or a 1/2 price 60 minute phone session with you, to get you started. Get clear on how to figure out what your needs are, and how those relate to Agreements.  Want more help?  I’m happy to walk you through the process of setting up Agreements, step by step!  I’m even running a summer special, so you can save over 30% on a package! Contact me via my webform, Or call me (510-686-3386) to set up a time for a free intro session!


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