Anderson Cooper on Polyamory

Some great footage out today on the topic of polyamory, from a segment on Anderson Cooper.  Such classics as “Do you all sleep in one big bed,” and “What about the children???”  Check it out:

[Dec. ’14: Links seem expired. Here’s some coverage of this Anderson Cooper polyamory segment over on Poly In the News]


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Thanks to Jaiya, Jon, and Ian for your bravery and clarity!!


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2 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper on Polyamory

  1. Ashley

    Yes, I whole heartedly believe people can be connected to more than two or more people at a time – and not just on a superficial level.. The woman and her two male partners did an excellent job representing polyamory.

    I only hope that Anderson Cooper will give this topic more time in the future with experts stating the pros as well as the cons. Polyamory and open relationships are more prevalent than perhaps society would like to admit.

    The last two Censuses taken showed that monogomy was in the minority (albeit slightly). That says something and maybe we should take time to more fully explore those alternatives.

    Thank you for airing the topic of polyamory on your show, Anderson. I look forward to seeing more on it in the future. 🙂

    1. dawnd Post author

      Thanks for sharing that, Ashley! It’s great that Anderson did the show, and did such a good job of it, from all appearances. A hopeful sign for the future indeed.


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