Dawn on Radio 6:30pmPacific/9:30pmEastern Fri 1/14/11

I’m excited about appearing on the The FoXXXy Forum radio show tomorrow night, Fri 1/14. Show is 6-8pmPacific/9-11pmEastern. My segment poly parenting is 6:30-6:50. The whole evening is on polyamory, and Joreth will be doing a Poly101 segment. Join us!

Joreth’s poly page is at http://www.theinnbetween.n et/, and
you can listen streaming on http://tantalk1340.com/ . Note that I had to install a plugin for that site, but they are on several radio stations in the South East, including: http://880klrg.com/ which might have different requirements.

via Facebook 39.

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