Balancing: Depression, Anxiety, Aliveness… and Polyamory?

What is Aliveness, and How Does It Relate to Depression, Anxiety… and Polyamory?

“Aliveness is composed of one part energy, one part emotion, one part meaning, one part engagement, and one part relatedness. For aliveness to be in balance, each of these five components of aliveness must be in balance as well.”
— Steve Bearman, founder of the Interchange Counseling Institute, in

The article is a bit long, but well worth a look, in my opinion. 🙂

As Steve Bearman points out — and is so often the case — balance is the key. In your life, how do YOU bring yourself into balance?

And because this is a blog about polyamory (and other forms of outside-the-box relationships), I’m curious to know:

Do your poly/open relationships tend to bring you INTO, or OUT OF balance and aliveness?

For me, polyamory is key to my meaning and relatedness, in particular, as well as — when things are going well — bringing me energy, positive emotion, and engagement.  When things are going poorly, however, poly-drama can rapidly suck my energy, and cause swirls of negative emotion. It has the possibility to either enhance, or detract from, my life overall, depending on my ability to stay in balance.

Thank YouGratitude, Acknowledgment, and Balance

I know that for me, one of the keys to staying in balance is the practice of Gratitudes, and/or Acknowledgments. Gratitudes — formally thinking about and listing things I am grateful for on a daily or regular basis — help me to become more aware of those things, and therefore better able to keep them in mind, and to see the overall balance of my life, rather than getting mired in only the negatives. Acknowledgments are essentially the same thing between two people.  As I acknowledge my partner/s for things, I remember those things, and can feel more gratitude for both what they’ve done, and also remember why I love them, even if we’ve been in conflict.  It brings me into a more positive head-space, and that helps to keep me, or bring me, in balance.

Wishing you more balance and aliveness in all of your life!

~♥ Dawn

PS: Are you looking for tools to help you keep in balance with your poly/open relationships?

Feel free to give me a call, and we can schedule a free 30-minute exploratory session (by phone, Skype, or in person in the SF Bay Area), during which we can discuss various tools to deal with common poly/open issues that interfere with balance and aliveness, such as jealousy. I’d love to help you find more aliveness and balance in your “outside the box” relationships… and in all of your life!

“Thanks again for the role that you played in our relationship. I do not think we would have made it past a year without you.”  –Donna, NYC

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I took the Interchange Counseling program in 2006-2007, and found it extremely valuable in my growth as both a counselor (see, and as a human being. If you feel called to explore your own balance of Aliveness through a structured program, you may wish to check out the free intro and information evening on Sept 23 in San Francisco:


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