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I‘ve been super busy recently, with a lot of personal stuff (like my daughter’s sprained ankle… the 4th in 3 years…), and the recent Poly Pool Party.  Writing has been a struggle.  One of the things that keeps me going, though, are the words of my mentor Samantha Bennett of the Organized Artist Company.  She keeps reminding me (in my head) to not be so perfectionistic, and to “Get a ‘C’ already!”  So here’s me popping in to let you know that she’s doing an awesome new course, and will be previewing it on Thursday May 17th, at 9:45am Pacific. It looks awesome, just like everything else I’ve sampled of her work. It isn’t poly-specific, but I think the info could certainly be useful to anyone who writes or is an entrepreneur, poly or no.

If you’re interested in more details, below the cut I’ve pasted the text of an email that I recently sent to folks who had signed up for my Love Outside The Box Newsletter (if you’re not signed on to that and want to be, you can get my Jealousy Diagnostic Tool and sign up for the newsletter at the same time :^).

Hope you’re having a great Spring!

~♥ Dawn



Do you know my friends Samantha Bennett (www.The Organized Artist Company.com) and Wes Schaeffer (www.TheSalesWhisperer.com)?

Because if you don’t, I think you might dig them – they are really inspiring & funny & cool and they have a way of getting you really motivated. And they work especially with smart, creative, entrepreneurial types.

(Honestly, and to be totally upfront, I’m a Really Big Fan (i.e., an Affiliate) of Sam’s work. She rocks my socks, and I think she might rock yours, too.)

Anyway, they have a new & totally free preview webinar/teleclass coming up that I think you’ll love…it’s all about “The 7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve” – juicy, right?
Here’s a little sample to get you thinking…

Are You Making Any of These 3 of the 7 Copy Writing Mistakes…???

1)You think you have to write the Great American Novel
You feel overwhelmed. Stuck. The minute you sit down to write your mind goes blank.

2) You are using the WRONG WORDS to describe your work
If you are describing yourself or your work as, “unique,” “different,” “valuable” or, heaven forfend, “awesome” you are costing yourself MONEY. (sound familiar?)

3) You think you don’t have the time.
Here’s the truth: if you can’t make the time to create OUTSTANDING sales copy for your business, then you don’t really have a business – you have a hobby. We can show you the quick, easy, fun ways to create compelling copy that will INCREASE YOUR SALES IMMEDIATELY, but there’s no two ways about it — you’re going to have to make the time.

Cool, huh? Trust me, there is lots more really useful stuff where this came from.

Think you don’t even have time to listen to a FREE call? Think again. You’ve got lots of options, and you don’t even have to be on the call live.

You can:
– dial in via phone
– listen via streaming audio
– watch online
– download a copy after the event

So, are you going to join me?

Remember: The World Needs Your Good Work.
(psst! that’s the course I took from Sam last year, and it’s part of why I’m here talking to you like this right now. Yes, she really is that awesome.)

~♥ Dawn

P.S. Please forward this post to your friends and share it using the social network buttons below. Let’s END the haunting tyranny of BORING copy writing forever! Let’s break attendance records! Let’s get everyone energized – together! Yee-ha! —> Click here to register for free now
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PPS. I am a Big Fan and affiliate for the Write Right Now VIP workshop (so in keeping with my Blog With Integrity promise, if you sign up to the VIP Workshop through one of these links, I’ll get a bonus). In fact, I’ve already signed up for the FREE PREVIEW on May 17th, and I’m thinking about taking the course myself…

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Love Outside the Box:
Dawn Davidson, Relationship Facilitator and Life Catalyst

Dawn sez:
“My secret superpower is that I am awesome at connecting people with information, or with other people. I use this in my coaching business by providing a wealth of information, and connections with other people who can help my clients get what they need or do what they want to do.

“I’ve got a raft of communication tools (good for most everyone), and a lot of personal and learned experience in the realm of “Outside of the Box” relationships, particularly polyamory.

“I most love those times when I get to take a client on a Shamanic Journey, and to help them talk to a part of themselves that they might have been out of touch with for months or years-or forever. I feel blessed to be a catalyst for people’s growth and change, and to be a part of their process of healing and transformation.”
What other people are saying about Dawn’s work:

+ “Thanks again for the role that you played in our relationship. I do not think we would have made it past a year without you.” –Donna, NYC

+ “Your information and tools are so helpful that even years later, I come back to the things you taught me. I credit you with making a fabulous sex life easier and safer.” — L. A., Legal Professional

+ “When my partner and I were coached by Dawn Davidson, we were angry, confused and unable to communicate. With the insights and skills provided in her coaching we were able to clarify what we wanted, and hear one another with compassion. I highly recommend her.” —M. Francesca Gentille, Co-Author: The Marriage of Sex & Spirit

+ “I have attended several of Dawn’s workshops that train people how to communicate better and overcome jealousy and possessiveness, and she does a GREAT job! I frequently recommend my clients to her, because she knows how to teach them important relationship skills that they need to live happier lives. I recommend Dawn enthusiastically!” –Bob McGarey, Executive Director, The Human Potential Center

Read more testimonials here!
Contact Dawn to set up a time for a free intro session!


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