Heart equals OK

Forgetting To Be Scared (a poem)

Heart equals OK
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know that, in addition to believing that loving whomever and however many you want is a basic human right, I also follow love as a spiritual path. It’s not always easy to remember to turn toward love in all circumstances.  If, for instance, people are attacking you because of your relationship choices, (or if you are afraid that they might, or if you are afraid that those choices might affect your family) it can be awfully hard to remember that part of why you made those choices would be to allow more love in the world, and in your life. Recently, things have been a bit stressful for me personally, and I’ve found it necessary to remind myself of how to get back in touch with love, and with myself.  Since I’m pretty sure that this experience is not unique to me (*wry smile*), I thought I’d share with you the poem that I wrote as I followed my own path back to center.  It’s called “Forgetting To Be Scared,” and you can find it below the cut. I hope you enjoy it.

May you always remember that you are Love,

~♥ Dawn

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Forgetting To Be Scared

by Dawn Davidson


When I’m scared
I can’t think.
My body tenses
my mind tenses
I forget tenses
not to mention whole words
or the entire English language

When I’m tense
I can’t write
my mind a blank
my heart a wasteland
my fingers drumming
my heart pounding
my head pounding
stuffed full of words with no meanings
like a jumble of fluffy fiberfill
all form and no substance between my ears

when I stop fighting
stop pounding
stop tensing
when I
When I just sit in that fluffiness
allowing the quiet in my head –
soft and springy and gentle –
to fill my heart
when I allow myself to be
to just be with the fluffy fuzziness of it all
Then, I come to a stillness
a momentary peace
in the nothingness at the center of my being

And when from this center
I begin again
offering my skills from my heart
giving of my soul to others
moving from my genuine well of spirit
Then things start to flow again
and I begin to remember
why I might be here
and who I am

When I remember
I can remember
I can remember
and the way they fit together
like kittens on a chair
or lovers in a bed
or dancers, flowing together in the music

When my words dance
in my head
from my heart
on the page
Then I remember other kinds of dancing:
the dance of feet in the ceilidh
the dance of birds in the wind
the dance of music in my ears
the dance of love in the souls of my beloveds
the dance of all spirits in the infinite
all separate, all together, all ways

And when my spirit dances in the infinite
yet together
yet distinct
moving and being moved
an organic expression of Love itself
then at last
at last
I remember I am Love,
and I forget
to be scared.

Dawn Davidson copyright 6/8/13 12:49am

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[© 2013 Dawn M. Davidson]

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