Robyn Trask and Jesus Garcia, Loving More

FREE Webinar: “Beyond Monogamy” Wed. 5/15

Robyn Trask and Jesus Garcia, Loving More

Robyn Trask and Jesus Garcia, Loving More

FREE Webinar TODAY, Wed 5/15, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific:  “Beyond Monogamy”.  Robyn Trask and Jesus Garcia of Loving More Non-profit are launching their new Webinar Series with a FREE 1 hour Introduction to Polyamory and Other Relationship Choices. Get more info and sign up here:

Should be a very interesting and useful call!  Space is limited, so grab your spot before it fills up. :)

May you always love boldly, safely, and well!

~♥ Dawn

PS: Want to set up a time to talk with me about polyamory, monogamy, and how to design your own best relationships? I’m happy to do a free 30 minute, or a 1/2 price 60 minute phone session with you. Get clear on what your relationship structure is, and underlying assumptions about rules and boundaries, and your relationship/s will be easier and happier! Or call me (510-686-3386) to set up a time for a free intro session!

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