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Got Jealousy?? Downloadable pdf Available!

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Early last week, at the East Bay Poly Potluck and Discussion Group, I led a discussion on the topic of various tools and techniques for managing feelings of jealousy.  It was a lively discussion, with a lot of interesting ideas generated and shared.  In particular, I handed out a few copies of a few tools that I developed when I was still working with my almost-ex.  Technology has been being a bit challenging for me lately, and I’d been unable to turn out updated copies to hand out that evening… nor, in fact, was I event able to print duplicates of the old copies!  Frustration abounded that evening. After some concerted effort, however, I’ve finally managed to coax my various pieces of technology into giving me a useable pdf with updated contact inf0rmation.  Hooray!  Here’s the text of the form, with a link, if you’re interested in getting a copy of it mailed directly to your own inbox:

Do jealous feelings have you or your partner/s feeling overwhelmed, sick, or just a bit GREEN? Good News! If you can name your feelings, you can start to get a handle on them. Get this free Jealousy Diagnostic Tool to help you identify which 40 possible jealousy triggers in 11 categories are turning you green!

Hope your relationships all go as smoothly as might be, and that you manage to “ride the green wave” without too many wipeouts! ;^)

~♥ Dawn


©2012, Dawn M. Davidson

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