International Interview on KISSable Agreements! Listen 11/22, 9a & 12p PST


Victoria Rosa

I have really exciting news! The UK’s Victoria Rosa, of Umbrella Coaching, will be interviewing me this week! We’ll be sharing that interview with everyone twice on Saturday 11/22:

17.00 GMT, 9 am PST
and again at
20.00 GMT, 12 noon PST

Sign up here to find out how to tune in! (NOTE:  This will sign you up for Victoria’s email list. You can always unsub later if you don’t want to stay for some reason.  But she’s really cool, and I recommend her!)

Get the replay here: :

Victoria will be interviewing me about KISSable Agreements and other subjects related to polyamory. Hear more about the 5 Reasons even good agreements can Fail, getting to Win-Win (-Win-Win…) and other great topics!

Click here to read Victoria’s article about the interview, and agreements:

I hope you can join us!!

~♥ Dawn

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PPS: Or contact me to set up a time for a FREE 30 minute (or 1/2 price 60 minute) discovery session. I’d love to help support you around creating your own best life and love/s, and to help you make all your agreements KISSable!



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