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Interview: Dawn Davidson (me!)

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A few weeks ago I published an audio interview of Kathy Labriola, author of the popular book on polyamory and open relationships, Love In Abundance: A Counselor’s Advice On Open Relationships.  We had lots of fun doing that, and so Kathy turned around and interviewed me. 🙂  The interview covers a few things, including some discussion about what I do as a coach and a counselor for polyamorous people, a little bit about my KISSable Agreements Workbook and the 5 Reasons Agreements Fail, and also some stuff about Getting To Win-Win-Win.

Tip: If you right-click the link below and open it in a new tab, you should see some sort of player for the interview. You could also choose to play it in iTunes. In part because Kathy had a lot of questions, and in part because I don’t have any editing tools yet (LOL), this interview is just over 21 minutes long.


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And remember:  Love is ALWAYS OK!

~♥ Dawn

PS: Got a sticky poly problem you want to talk over? I’m happy to offer a free 30 minute session (by phone, Skype, or in person in the SF Bay Area), just for the asking. Or if you’d like a little more time, I can do 60 minutes for half off.  You can get an intro price session with the PayPal buttons on my webpage, or contact me if you’d like the free 30 minutes, prefer a different payment method, or have any questions.  Want to read what other people have said about my work? Check out my testimonials page. I’d love to hear from you, and learn how I can help your poly life be even better!


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