Got Jealousy? Join Me at Conferences & Workshops!

Happy Valentine’s Day (almost)!  I’ll be presenting 4 times in the SF Bay Area this coming week. Perhaps you can join me at one or more events? It’s not too late!  List up front; longer descriptions below:

LOVE2/12, Oakland, East Bay Poly Potluck & Discussion

First up is the East Bay Poly Potluck and Discussion Group, which will be held at a private home in Oakland, on 2/12/15. Find out more and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page (our usual Google Sheet RSVP form isn’t working – oops! If you can’t RSVP through FB for some reason, send me an email!). In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I’ll be leading a discussion on “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Love, Sex, & Friendship in Poly & Open Relationships”  Cost: Potluck Dinner; $10-15 donation requested (no one turned away for lack of funds.)

2/14, Berkeley, 4th Int’l Conf. on the Future of Monogamy & Non-Monogamy

Next, on Saturday morning of 2/14, I’ll be presenting in the “Public Education” track of the Academic Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Non-Monogamy, on the UC Berkeley campus. This will be a super short presentation hitting some highlights of some practical tools to work through jealousy, and get back to the love you want to be feeling on Valentine’s Day! (See the entry for 2/16 for a longer description.) Cost: Included in the conference price.

poncov15-150x1502/15, San Jose, Pantheacon

Sunday afternoon, 2/15, I’ll be presenting at Pantheacon,  “… a conference for Pagans, Heathens, Indigenous Non-European and many of diverse beliefs that occurs annually over President’s Day weekend. Well over 2000 people attend more than 200 presentations that range from rituals to workshops and from classes to concerts.” This will be a slightly longer presentation on jealousy tools, in a Pagan context. It will take place at 4:30pm in the Church of All Worlds ( hospitality Suite, room 251 of the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel (Note that it is NOT listed in the larger program!) Cost: Included in the conference price of $80 for the weekend, or $40 for a single day.

heart_Toolkit2/16, Oakland, “Your Jealousy Toolkit” (2 hour workshop)

Lastly, I’ll be presenting the full 2-hour workshop on jealousy on Monday evening 2/16, in Oakland, CA. Cost: Your Jealousy Toolkit is $25 through 2/13; $30 thereafter or at the door.

Jealousy is one of the most common issues in poly and open relationships, and can be a direct path into relationship hell. No matter how “enlightened” you become, sooner or later you — or your partner! — will probably end up feeling angry, fearful, or upset in that way we call “jealousy.” And it’s not limited to poly/open people, either!  Poly people often feel jealous of each other, whereas monogamous people might feel jealous of the time their partner spends at work, with friends, or on a hobby. No matter what relationship style you’re in, jealousy is no fun!

Rather than denying it, drowning in it, ignoring it, or trying to “get over it,” workshop presenter and facilitator Dawn Davidson recommends instead trying to *listen* to jealousy, and *learn* from it. Drawing on personal history, on the results of a 9 month focus group, and also on 15+ years of counseling experience with real poly/open people from all over the world, she’ll share some tools, resources, and useful skills for reducing feelings of jealousy in the jealous partner, and will offer some tips for the non-jealous partner as well. Based on feedback from the audience, she’ll choose from a list including Trance Rehearsal, The Inner Child Meditation, How to Make a Jealousy Pie(-Chart), The Acknowledgments Exercise, Juggling for ‘Idiots’, and more.

This workshop will be interactive. For those exercises requiring partners, you are always free to stay with the partner(s) you brought with you, or to work with someone new.

Whatever your current relationship circumstances or experience with multiple partners (or not!), this is a can’t-miss workshop, packed with tips and tools to help you get out of relationship hell, and back on the road to relationship bliss!

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Hope you can join me for one more more of these fun and educational events! And remember…

No matter who or how many you love, Love is ALWAYS ok!

~♥ Dawn

FREEPS: Can’t make any of these events? Give me a call!  I’m offering a limited number of FREE 30 minute sessions in the next two weeks, during which we can discuss your particular jealousy or other polyamory issues. Don’t suffer unnecessarily! Contact me, and we’ll set up a time to chat!



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