Quick Love Languages Quiz

A Quick Love Languages Quiz

(Based on the series of books by Gary Chapman, beginning with The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, Northfield Publishing, 1992. Quiz inspired by the one at http://www.gfi.org/java/pdf/LoveLanguage.PDF.)

According to author Gary Chapman, each person has one main way that they “hear” or “feel” love from others. His “Five Love Languages” are (in no particular order):

Acts of ServiceQuality TimeWords
of AffirmationGifts Physical Touch

People often (but not always) express love to others through this same Love Language. When we are listening for love in a particular way, and that isn’t met, abundance in every other way will still leave us feeling less loved. Learn what your own and your partner/s “primary Love Language/s” are, and make sure to “speak” that to them (instead of or in addition to your own natural Language), and you’ll find your interactions will go more smoothly!

To find out which is your “primary Love Language,” rank each sentence below within each set by giving it a number from 1 (least favorite) to 5 (best.) For each sentence in the group, write a 1 in front of the item that you don’t care much about at all, or that has you feel the least loved or the least appreciated; continue with 2, 3, and 4, writing a 5 for the thing that makes you feel the most loved, or the happiest. Don’t allow ties within any given set if at all possible. When you are done, transfer your scores to the score sheet below (the sets are groups vertically in the top part, and horizontally in the bottom). Then add up the numbers in each column. The column with the highest score will be your “primary love language,” the one you hear (and probably speak) most often and most easily.

Set I

___ i) When you’re at a party together, your partner speaks proudly of some success of yours

___ ii) Your partner cleans out your car, or organizes your glove box

___ iii) Your partner surprises you with a gift some day, for no particular reason

___ iv) Your partner plans a special day trip for the two of you

___ v) When you’re out with friends, your partner stands with their arm linked in yours, or holding hands

Set II

___ i) When you do something well, your partner says, “You did a great job! I really appreciate that!”

___ ii) Your partner does an unexpected chore–takes out the trash or does the dishes, or some other task

___ iii) Your partner brings you a treat from the store, maybe an album you’ve been wanting, or some bubblebath

___ iv) Your partner invites you on a stroll in the park

___ v) Your partner gives you a hug or a kiss before you leave the house, almost every time


___ i) Your partner makes a point to share the positive things your friends say about you

___ ii) Your partner knows how you hate paperwork, so s/he takes the time to do it for you

___ iii) One day, something special arrives in the mail, and it’s from your partner!

___ iv) Out of the blue, your partner shows up at work and takes you out to your favorite lunch joint

___ v) At the end of a long day, your partner offers to massage your back and shoulders

Set IV

___ i) Your partner sends you a card with a note in it telling you how much they appreciate you

___ ii) Knowing you’re tired, your partner offers to wash your car, sort the laundry, or do some other task for you

___ iii) Your partner brings home your favorite bread from the bakery, or a bunch of flowers

___ iv) After work, your partner sits with you, and listens to you share about your day

___ v) Your partner reaches out to your arm as you pass by in the kitchen

Set V

___ i) Your partner tells you in detail what they love about one of your special qualities

___ ii) Three words: Breakfast in bed!

___ iii) Your partner gets you a personal membership to the zoo, the museum, or the gym

___ iv) For a holiday–or maybe not!–your partner makes special plans for you to go someplace together

___ v) In the movie theater, your partner always has their arm around your shoulder, or holds your hand

(Words) (Acts of Service) (Gifts) (Quality Time) (Touch)
Set I i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____
Set II i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____
Set III i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____
Set IV i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____
Set V i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____
TOTALS i)_____ ii)_____ iii)_____ iv)_____ v)_____


  • The column with the highest score is your primary Love Language.
  • It is possible to be “Multilingual,” i.e., to have two that are the same, or very close together.
  • If ALL of your scores are close together, you’re either very balanced, or very indecisive!


To learn more about Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, go to his website, The 5 Love Languages. Or purchase his book on Amazon:

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