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Capital Letter A quick update about the poly events all over site (cross-posted from  my Weirdness Events Google Group):

The wonderful folks in Victoria BC are responsible for the polyeventsallover site.  It’s an aggregation of Google Calendars that list polyamory-related events. Anyone who has a Google Calendar for their poly group or events is welcome to submit the calendar.  It also gives a place for people to find poly events, and to be able to submit poly events to their area.  Each calendar lists the person to submit your local events to.

Note that because it’s NEW, and SELF-GENERATED, there’s not a lot on it in many places.  Please link your calendars here, please submit events, and please make use of this great new resource.

And as a super-early sneak preview, there’s someone on the Poly Leadership Network who’s trying to build a new site that will be a collection of links, and link to all sorts of poly stores etc. Again, it’s being designed to be something that is user-submitted and maintained, so fewer links should go dead because the site maintainer got tired of maintaining it. It’s still under development, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to use, which should be soon!

Best wishes!

~♥ Dawn

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