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Poly vs. Tea Party on ABC-TV

Poly vs. Tea Party on ABC-TV

I’ve been busy this past week at a business conference, InfusionCon. A 7am to 11pm schedule each day left me with little time or energy, and as a result, I missed all the hullabaloo over last week’s episode of Wife Swap that included a polyamorous family from New York State. The Wife Swap folks have been nosing about the poly community for a number of years now, looking for someone willing to take on this gamble… er… challenge. Obviously, they finally found someone willing to chance it. This one, unlike the recent poly episode on  Our America with Lisa Ling, was available on Hulu (and is also viewable online at the ABC site), so several members of my household sat down to watch it tonight. So how’d it go?

As Alan M. of Poly In the News pointed out, it could have been way worse. In ways, I think it was just about as good an outcome as we could expect from such a show. Ultimately, the poly family came out looking fairly normal, quite loving, and very supportive of one another. The kids of the Tea Party family all seemed pretty reasonable and normal, but the adults were shown to be quite intolerant and unwilling to abide by the rules to which they’d previously agreed.

You can read more about the episode over at Poly In the News, if you’d like. Warning: there are definite spoilers in Alan’s review, so if you intend to watch the show, you might want to do it first, before reading the coverage.

For extra amusement value, apparently Rush Limbaugh covered the show as well.

A balanced documentary about polyamorous life, it was not, of course. But for something aimed at creating as much drama as possible in the name of “entertainment,” the polyamorous family ended up being a stand for love and diversity.

Yes, it could have been a lot worse, indeed.

Here’s hoping your life is as full of love — and as empty of drama — as you could wish!

~♥ Dawn

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