Millenial Gaia, a statue depicting Gaia/Mother Earth as a seated, pregnant woman, with the earth as her belly.

Out In the World… (a poem)

Most of the time, in this blog, I focus on polyamory and other forms of “ethical non-monogamy.”  Today, I’m offering something involving another facet of my own “outside the box” nature: Paganism. In a somewhat uncharacteristic way for me, I’m going to offer the poetry first, and the explanations after.  So scroll down if you’re interested in more background on how this poem came to be, and why I’m posting it here.  Enjoy!  ~♥ Dawn

Out In The World, the Goddess Speaks

(A poem by Dawn Davidson, © 2014)

Out in the wind
the Goddess speaks:
Branches whispering to one another, swaying in the wind.
“Bend;” she says, “flexibility is the key,
lest in bearing your natural pressures, you would otherwise break.”

Out in the light
the Goddess speaks:
Her abundant curves caressed by the rays of the sun.
“I am stability,” says she. “Ground yourself in me,”
as she sits firmly rooted
receiving the energy of life, easily and naturally.

Out in the garden
the Goddess speaks:
Her rosy cheeks smiling, and her iris eyes opened to the sky.
“Open your eyes,” she says, “and know that you are a part of the beauty around you,
as lovely as these flowers and just as perfect
each in your own way.”

Out in the shade
the Goddess speaks:
“Forget me not,” says she.
“Your dark places also bring forth their own beauty.
There is no shame in being who you are.”

Out in the glade
the Goddess speaks:
“The path is clear before you. Step forth with confidence,
knowing that I guide and ground your way,
firm stepping stones leading just where you need to go.”

Out in the sky
the Goddess speaks:
Clouds drifting along, revealing and concealing the reflected glory of the universe.
“Your vision is not always clear,” she says, but if you wait, more will be revealed in time,
new patterns forming and unforming as you and I breathe, together.
Be not attached to the shapes and interpretations before you,
since they are given meaning only in your mind,
and that meaning may change just as easily.”

Out in the trees
the Goddess speaks:
“The seeds of your growth lie already within you,” she says.
“All you must do is allow the time,
letting your deep roots draw nourishment from me,
so the mathematically precise nature of your being can unfold in grace,
just as the Fibonacci series of the pinecones inevitably leads
to the grandeur of the pine.”

Out in the grass
the Goddess speaks:
“Each being has their perfect time,” she says.
“The morning glory blooms with her eponymous rays
opening to her full beauty as the sun shines in.
Rest easy now
as she fades in graceful tempo with the dying of the day,
knowing that grief and loss are as much a part of the cycle as birth and growth,
for how else could I make room in the garden for another generation of blooms?
Each life is as precious, as important… and as brief in my eyes.
Treasure them all.”

Out in the world
the Goddess speaks.
All I need do
is listen.

by Dawn Davidson, © 2014

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More about paganism and polyamory

As I’ve mentioned before, I relate to spirituality in a multi-faceted way, and I consider myself to follow “Love as a spiritual path.” Polyamory and Paganism are inextricably linked for me (though they are not for many people, so no worries if that’s not your style!). My particular brand of Paganism is heavily influenced by the Church of All Worlds, a Gaia-consciousness, nature-centered religion with a strong emphasis on personal choice and freedom in relating to spirit/deity/god/goddess. The founder, Oberon Zell, had this to say recently in an email discussion:

Millenial Gaia, a statue depicting Gaia/Mother Earth as a seated, pregnant woman, with the earth as her belly.

Millennial Gaia by Oberon Zell, from Mythic Images

“When we talk about Divinity as Immanent rather than Transcendent (“Thou art God/dess!”) we are trying to say that Divinity is YOU as much as it is everyone else—and It IS however you perceive It to be. This is the Church of Your Choice, and you can interpret it however you want to fit your own insights and understandings. No interpretation is wrong except that which denies others the right to theirs.” — Oberon Zell, email, March 11, 2014

Additionally, Morning Glory Zell (wife and business partner of Oberon Zell) was one of the co-coiners of the word polyamory, in the early 1990’s.

Making space to write

Over the 4/12-13 weekend, I went to a wonderful workshop up at Evalena Rose’s , led by Rev. Mutima Imani. At one point in the weekend, we went on a short “solo journey” in the lovely gardens. We were given some prompts to answer, and in general were invited to see what came up when we just went to sit quietly for two hours. As it turned out, I only had 1 hour, since I was assisting, and needed to get in to start on dinner at 5. So I was very glad that I headed my inner wisdom, and didn’t take time to answer the particular questions, but just allowed the already-present words to flow. The poem above is the result (very slightly edited.)  I hope you enjoy it.

Exploring Paganism and/or polyamory further

A Race With Mermaids and Tritons -- Smithers-CollierOn April 26th, I’ll be co-teaching an in-person workshop with Francesca Gentille, “Afternoon Delights on the Wilder Shores of Love,” a workshop about creative relationship design. Identifying your own needs and preferences, and those of your partner — including, for instance, but not limited to, preferences around spirituality — will be part of our exploration that day.  If you’re curious or might want to join us, you can find out more or register on the event website:

I’m also happy to set up a free 30 minute session, or a half-price 60 minute session, if you’d like to work with me in a more focused way.  People who’ve worked with me in the past have reported gaining greater clarity about their desires (both in relationship, and individually), have gotten new tools and skills to use in polyamorous/open relationships, and have been able to better access their own inner wisdom. If that sounds interesting, you can get more information or purchase a session on my website, or contact me for further information, or to schedule a free session.

Because Love is ALWAYS ok!

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[© 2014 Dawn M. Davidson]

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