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Wanna be on TV (talking about polyamory)?

I recently got this invitation from Robyn Trask of Loving More Non-profit. Robyn herself has quite a lot of media appearances, and she’s got a lot of experience in negotiating and brokering appearances of poly people on a variety of shows. Volunteering to be part of Robyn’s pool of potential interviewees does not guarantee you an appearance on any particular — or any — show. You’re just providing information on your availability and interest. As Robyn gets requests from the media, she’ll consult that database, and see if you match the criteria. If you do, she’ll give you a call, and then put you in touch with the producer. The major advantage of doing it this way is that the producers are pre-screened, so it’s not AS likely that you’ll end up with someone who will screw you over. That said, even Robyn has been misrepresented, so this is not a guarantee! Your mileage may certainly vary!

If you’re interested, give Robyn’s invitation a good read below, and make sure to talk it over with all of your partners. πŸ™‚

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As always, please be careful when and if you respond to casting calls of any sort. It’s easy for poly people to get railroaded on some shows, so make sure that you’ve done your homework! Another good way to get information about producers, shows, etc., to network with other people interested in presenting polyamory in a positive light (or at least fairly), and to get some media training, is to get in touch with the Polyamory Media Association, which is a volunteer project of the Polyamory Leadership Network (a loose coalition of leaders and organizers mostly in the US, but also worldwide.) They’re certainly not the only place to get such training, of course. NCSF (National
Coalition for Sexual Freedom
) also has some resources on the topic, and of course there are many other places to get media training as well.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Love boldly, safely, and well!

~β™₯ Dawn


Invitation from Robyn Trask of Loving More:

This is an outreach to polyamory couples, triads, quads, singles and families. We always have ongoing media requests and with the new Showtime Show, Polyamory; Married and Dating, we want to be ready for the requests on the horizon. Currently we have two shows that are casting.

If you are willing to do media on polyamory we need the following.
β€’ First name and ages of you and your partners.
β€’ Who of your family/partners are willing to do press interviews?
β€’ What is your polyamory style and current relationship configuration?
β€’ What kinds of media are you willing to do (TV, radio, newspaper)
β€’ Photo of you and your partners, together or individually. (Loving More Nonprofit will not share these pictures, they are for our files only. When the time comes we will request pictures at that time.)
β€’ Best contact for media.

What we do:
β€’ We screen the intentions of media (we will not do Jerry Springer type shows or shows we feel will be overly hostile)
β€’ We research all production companies and their shows if possible before helping them find subjects.
β€’ We contact you first with media interest and if you are interested we share your contact info only.
β€’ We are available to help you prepare for potential interviews and advise on what to ask for in expenses if travel is involved. Shows typically nickel and dime people so make sure they cover your travel and meals adequately. We have a great article that can help you prepare.

What you should know:
β€’ Talk shows, reality TV and Documentaries are commercial products, they are in it for the money and they will use you. You could be taken out of context.
β€’ Radio shows are often more honest and live but not always.
β€’ Newspaper and magazine media to date have done the best job overall in portrayals of polyamory but they often misquote and take things out of context.
β€’ You have no control over editing and final product.
β€’ You will be asked to sign a release for TV shows, read it carefully, ask for it in advance before you agree to doing a show, make sure you are ok with their terms.
β€’ Reality Shows usually pay and stage at least part of their show.
β€’ Quality documentaries do not pay and do not stage their shows.
β€’ Talk shows often will mislead people and they do edit for their own slant.

Why do this?
β€’ Polyamory Awareness – People need to know there are real alternatives to monogamy
β€’ Having quality people willing to work with the press helps move forward the polyamory movement.
β€’ More people willing to be out will lead to all of us being safer to be out.
β€’ Can make a difference for people who may not know there are options.
β€’ Who knows? growing polyamory awareness may increase your dating pool.

Keep in mind we will always check with you on specific projects before submitting your name. We know people’s lives change and their relationships so we take things project by project. Submitting yourself for consideration is not a guarantee that you will be booked or that you have to say yes.

If you are interested in helping please email me, Robyn, with your complete information to Robyn@lovemore.com. For questions call me at Loving More Nonprofit, 970-667-5683

Thank you,

Robyn Trask
Executive Director
Loving More Non-profit
PO Box 1658
Loveland, CO 80539

Loving More 2012 Retreat



Β©2012, Dawn M. Davidson

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