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Capital Letter I got two more casting calls for shows on polyamory today.  Remember that it’s a great idea to be prepared for media appearances. The Poly Media Association (PMA) was started with this purpose in mind. They maintain a collection of helpful resources on various topics such as how to be interviewed, what to say and what NOT to say, how to research the opportunity, etc. They’ve got some training materials, and links to other sites with more resources. Also, it’s a great idea to let PMA know you’re thinking of talking to the media, so that we in the wider poly community can coordinate our efforts, and share information about production companies, programs, and producers.

In both cases below, the folks seem slightly unclear on the concept, in that they’re asking only for a “couple,* but as has been pointed out elsewhere, this isn’t all that uncommon.  Couple-centric polyamory is a logical bridge between the monogamous and non-exclusive paradigms.

The first one (in Los Angeles) seems pretty good. The second one (only good for folks on the East Coast in or near NYC), is less clear, but guardedly good.

Good luck to anyone who decides to pursue these opportunities!

~♥ Dawn

(FYI: Here’s an older blog entry with a link to the Montel Polyamory episode from 2005 in which I appeared. Ask me about the experience sometime!)

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Francesca Gentille <relationshipdiva@gmail.com>
To: Francesca Gentille, chad@stilettotelevision.com, Love Temple <Lovetemple@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 13:13:18 -0700
Subject: Fwd:TV: Seeking Positive Primary Poly Couple

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Chad Hillman and I am a Casting Director in Los Angeles. We are in the process of casting a docu-series regarding the Polyamorous lifestyle.

 Wendy O Matik suggested I contact you regarding our search for a cast. We are producing a show that follows someone and their primary through their journey. We want this show to educate and show a positive portrayal of the lifestyle.

I have been researching this lifestyle and was amazed at how much I agreed with all that I read and viewed. We would like to cast a couple that truly believes in Polyamory and will have the personality and knowledge to represent the lifestyle in a positive manner.

Please contact me at 310-957-5757 ext:281 or email me at tvcasting@msn.comif you need any additional information. Please feel free to publish my contact information to get the word out. I did not want to post anything on your pages until I received your permission. Thank you for your time and consideration.Thank you,

Chad Hillman
Casting Director | STILETTO Television
8295 South La Cienega Blvd | Inglewood, CA | 90301
o: 310.957.5757 ext 281 | f: 310.919.0462

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via Alan M. of Poly In the Media, for any on this list in the New York area:

Seeking married or committed couples in their 20’s-30’s whose pairing\ may seem “taboo”, “unorthodox”, or “unusual” to people who don’t know you. We are out to prove that true love can take many different forms, and we’d like you to share your story to prove it.

This is a pilot for a major cable network. The episode will feature two couples who are living in total bliss and in love with each other BUT whose relationship might be considered unusual by others. It could be the way you met, an odd living situation, polyamorous relationships, a seemingly mis-matched couple, an perfectly arranged marriage, AS LONG AS YOU ARE DEEPLY IN LOVE….

Here’s the link:


It’s in the New York area, and closes October 14th [2011].

Alan M.


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