Polyamory Survey on Marriage (deadline 3/31!)

Want to participate in a survey about how polyamorous people feel about marriage?  Loving More Nonprofit is sponsoring a survey you might want to check out.

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Here’s a link to the announcement from Loving More:

Deadline – Polyamory Survey on Marriage.

Loving More Sponsored Polyamory Marriage Survey

One of the main questions Loving More receives from the media and academics is how polyamorous people feel about marriage. We do not have an answer because no research has been done. The survey was designed by Curt Bergstrand, Ph.D. [author of Swinging In America: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the 21st Century] and Jim Fleckenstein [Chair, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation].

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey and to share the survey with other polyamorists. Your participation is valuable and appreciated.

Deadline to participate is March 31. 2012

Thanks for contributing to the body of knowledge around polyamory!

~♥ Dawn


©2012, Dawn M. Davidson

4 thoughts on “Polyamory Survey on Marriage (deadline 3/31!)

  1. MikZ

    I should say that I was confusing this survey with another, more problematic one. I’m still concerned that the concepts of marriage, live-in partners, primary partners and just housemates are confused in this survey, but it’s not the one that came under serious fire in a Sydney forum for its heterosexism and rigid gender definitions.

  2. MikZ

    Already taken. Unfortunately, though, I knew a few people who simply could not take it because of some rather narrow definitions surrounding gender, marriage and relationships. To be clear: they didn’t just object to the survey; they were actually unable to answer the questions. Personally, I found the survey highly ambiguous, and I honestly doubt it will accurately reflect the attitudes of its participants.

    1. dawnd Post author

      Thanks for your feedback, MikZ. I know what you mean. It is so difficult these days for folks to conduct accurate and meaningful surveys in this area. Changes in attitudes and ideas are happening very rapidly. Even though these folks are actually more familiar, on average, with how to write and conduct surveys, they are limited by their own experiences and attitudes, and some of those are born out of a different generation, for instance, or other characterizations that make it difficult for them to be as inclusive as would be helpful.

      My sense, though, is that this is a START. Yes, there are definite issues, but every bit of data collected is helpful in revealing more about where more data needs to be collected!

      I would encourage you to write to the authors of the survey, and/or to write to Loving More. I don’t have the time to do the research right now to supply links, but I’m sure that you can find contact information on the Loving More website. The more people who contact them about issues with the survey, they better they’ll be able to do in accommodating more people in future surveys.


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