Recommended Websites: The New Poly Anna & More Than Two

Have you seen The New Poly Anna?  It’s a site by an fantastic woman I know named (you guessed!) Anna. She writes something she calls “blogtoons,” which are part blog entry, part cartoon, and entirely awesome.  She writes on themes of polyamory, open relationships, and lots of other things in her life. Check it out!

Another thing I ran into this morning that I think is excellent, is this essay A Monogamous Response to Polyamory in the newer website More Than Two by established poly blogger, Franklin Veaux (aka Tacit). An excellent thing to read if you’re wanting to introduce your monogamous partner to polyamory or other forms of open relationships. I think it’s also a good thing to have the monogamous partner read, since they’ll probably feel a great deal of resonance. 🙂

For me, it’s back to the trenches right now, as I try to stay ahead of having put out a Newsletter without much in the way of future entries scheduled.  Eep!

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