Request for “Poly Reveal” Stories

Dear poly friends:

Do you or someone you know have a story about “coming out” about poly[/open/non-monogamous] to your primary/monogamous partner?  Are you/they willing to share that story with others? Joreth of The Inn Between is collecting these stories to show as examples to people who are beginning their poly journey from this sort of place.  See her contact info and more information below.



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From: Joreth InnKeeper <>
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:43 AM
Subject: [PLN] Poly Reveal Stories


I’d like to collect a series of stories of people who discovered that they were interested in polyamory while currently involved in a monogamous relationship.  I’d like to hear about how you discovered you were interested in polyamory and how you brought up the subject to your spouse or partner, how they handled it, and maybe even how the transition went.I discovered polyamory while I was completely single, so this is not a topic I can speak on with any authority.  I’d like to hear the experiences of people who have gone through this.  I’d like to turn this collection into a public resource somehow, maybe as a collection of essays, or maybe just using examples woven into my own narrative.You can send them to me privately […].  If you do not want to be named publicly, you can use a pseudonym or “anonymous”.  If you do not think you are a good writer, you can send me your story and ask me to re-write it on your behalf.  If you would like credit for your story, please include what name to attribute it to and include any other attributions you wish, such as website URL.We often talk about “coming out” to family, but we rarely talk about coming out to our long-term partners.  Usually, I only hear it in the context of newbies currently going through it, and rarely do I hear about it after everything has been resolved, so that newbies can see possible outcomes for their own journey.


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