F-M-M Triad

Seeking triad for TV show about non-mono bisexuals

F-M-M Triad

Dany, Lon, and Troy, a non-monogamous and bisexual triad, as they appeared on National Geographic’s “Taboo” TV series in January of 2012.

Hi everyone!  Alan M. of Poly in the Media just forwarded a letter from Rachel at ZKK TV, a documentary production company in the U.K. (http://www.zkktv.com/). They’re seeking “polyamorous groups consisting of 3 people, where one is heterosexual, one is bisexual, and the other is either gay or bisexual.”  Alan says:

“It looks like an above-average outfit, judging only by what they say on their webpage”
“I see on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZKK-TV/307763952592744) that they sold “My Daughter the Teenage Nudist” to the U.K.’s Channel 4, which I think has a downmarket reputation. The show (I haven’t watched it):

Here’s the letter from ZKK’s researcher, Rachel:

My name is Rachel – I’m a researcher at a television company called ZKK. I’m getting in touch at the suggestion of the Polyamory Media Association web page.We have been asked to do a 1 hour documentary about couples who aren’t monogamous. Specifically, we’re looking at relationships where one person is bisexual, and enjoys relationships with people of the same sex with the blessing of another partner of the opposite sex. The idea is to create a warm, celebratory documentary that looks at this type of relationship from all angles; we have spoken to wives who are quite happy for their bisexual husbands to have affairs with other men, and husbands who are happy for their bisexual wives to do the same. In order to get a well rounded view we’d like to speak to polyamorous groups consisting of 3 people, where one is heterosexual, one is bisexual, and the other is either gay or bisexual.You’re probably extremely busy, but I’d really appreciate your help. Do you know of anyone in this type of relationship?Kind regards,
Rachel Douce:  rachel.douce@zkktv.com

If you do decide to respond, please, do your Due Diligence and check these folks out first! Make sure you’ve thought about the possible ramifications of appearing on TV in this sort of context.  As much as you can, prepare for the appearance, such as talking to the good folks over at the Poly Media Association, or Loving More, or studying the information available on the website for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).  Proceed at your own risk, and please remember that this post does not constitute a recommendation from either myself or Alan M.!

In other news, this weekend I’m off to the 3rd International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Non-Monogamy, which starts this evening (Friday 2/21/14) in Berkeley, CA, with a session aimed at Clinicians. Saturday has the big events, with three tracks of interesting presentations ranging from academic presentations, to arts/media/folklore, and Public Education.  I’ll be in the Public Education track myself, with a presentation on Riding the Green Wave: Tools for Dealing with Jealousy.  The conference is pretty full, but there may yet be space, so if you’re drawn to be there, check it out, or come on by!

And whether or not you can join us, do remember that no matter who or how many you love, Love is always OK!

~♥ Dawn

kissPS:  I’ve updated my KISSable Agreements Workbook, and the updated version is now available from my website for only $10 for the pdf .  And I’ll have a few physical copies of the book available this weekend as well, for $15.   Yay!

 PPS:  Agreements are one great way to help deal with jealousy! Stop by the conference this weekend to learn some more ways… or check out the free teleseminars about jealousy that I did with Kathy Labriola (who will also be presenting at the conference on Friday evening, by the way!).

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