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Spit for science! A new study on polyamory

Image of test tube tilted to the right, mostly filled with green liquidHi everyone!

I recently got a request to forward a request for people to volunteer for a very interesting study, involving hormone levels and relationship styles.  I’ve checked out the study, and verified that yes, this is a serious study by a good researcher from a good University, with all appropriate protocols and approvals.  Read below for more information and/or to volunteer for the study.

Hello there,

We are conducting a national research study, and looking for participants! We welcome all participants 18 and older, healthy, not using hormonal medications (e.g. the Pill). A compensation ($) is offered for your time.

We are looking for individuals in relationships with multiple people, or in polyamorous relationships.

This study involves: completing questionnaires (e.g. background, health, social variables, & personal sexuality); and quick & easy saliva research samples. We will pick up your saliva samples no matter where you are in the US.

To volunteer or for more info, please contact or 734-763-7121

This research is being conducted by:
Sari van Anders, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
For more info, please contact or 734-763-7121

IRB: Behavioral Sciences
IRB Number: HUM00029316
Document Approved On: 05.12.09

Sari M. van Anders, Ph.D. and the Lab Research Team
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
Phone: 734-763-7121
Follow us on Twitter: svananderslab

More information from the researcher herself:

Hi Folks,

I am on break from the LGBT Psychology Summer Institute here at the University of Michigan, and I wanted to introduce myself and respond to the posted queries, and also give you an opportunity to contact me directly with any questions ( Since you can look me up very easily (here’s my website:  I’ll forgo telling you about me in favor of directly talking about the research. …

I am interested in the links between hormones and social intimacy, and one of my research goals is to include the broad diversity of approaches to relationships (including non-relationships and single by choice groups) in behavioral neuroendocrinology (the field of hormones, brain, and behavior). Another research goal is trying to understand how gender/sex is implicated in these hormone-intimacy relationships (though I try to avoid comparisons by gender/sex for a host of reasons). If you read about neuroscience and pair bonding, you will typically see that research generally only involves long-term monoamorously partnered and single individuals, and I have tried to incorporate sexual diversity into my research. …
Thanks for your time and attention!

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