STD/STI Information by Joreth

Here’s another great resource for STD/STI information, reposted with permission from fellow blogger and Poly Leadership Network member, Joreth.  Enjoy!

~♥ Dawn is a static page of safer sex information that is geared towards polyamorous people.  It includes a chart of STDs, their symptoms, their treatments, and how they’re transmitted, and suggestions about how to get the conversation started when you are poly & have more than one partner.  That page can be followed up with which is a whole page about how *I* [Joreth] do poly, including my safer sex guidelines, a copy of the History And Disclosure form for easy record-keeping, and an outline of relationship expectations that are often assumed and not talked about until someone runs into that particular trigger by accident.  That outline includes the safer sex topics, but also includes things like time management.  The outline has no answers, it asks questions, and you are supposed to take it into your conversations and ask your partners those questions and come up with your own answers. is my LJ, which is an active thread of all the latest safe-sex research, with a focus on HPV (since that had the least amount of information on it when I started). Moving backwards through the entries is not unwarranted, though, since there are some things that were mentioned earlier but not followed up on (because nothing new has occurred) and some things that are not time-sensitive, like the entry on cheap testing options and which tests to ask for when looking for your own testing facility.


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