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Fabulous New FREE Writing teleseminar with Samantha Bennett [Affiliate Offer]

I‘ve been super busy recently, with a lot of personal stuff (like my daughter’s sprained ankle… the 4th in 3 years…), and the recent Poly Pool Party.  Writing has been a struggle.  One of the things that keeps me going, though, are the words of my mentor Samantha Bennett of the Organized Artist Company.  She keeps reminding me (in my head) to not be so perfectionistic, and to “Get a ‘C’ already!”  So here’s me popping in to let you know that she’s doing an awesome new course, and will be previewing it on Thursday May 17th, at 9:45am Pacific. It looks awesome, just like everything else I’ve sampled of her work. It isn’t poly-specific, but I think the info could certainly be useful to anyone who writes or is an entrepreneur, poly or no.

If you’re interested in more details, below the cut I’ve pasted the text of an email that I recently sent to folks who had signed up for my Love Outside The Box Newsletter (if you’re not signed on to that and want to be, you can get my Jealousy Diagnostic Tool and sign up for the newsletter at the same time :^).

Hope you’re having a great Spring!

~♥ Dawn