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Poly Proliferation: Books, Conferences, and More!

polyamory pride march bannerPolyamory is certainly gaining in awareness!  Mentions in the media are off the charts, compared with 6-8 years ago. Showtime’s series about Polyamory has been renewed for a second season. Books about polyamory are proliferating. And conferences, formerly limited to just a few US-national conferences, are springing up all over.

If you’re interested in meeting other like-minded folks, perhaps taking some workshops, or hearing some speakers, and having fun at events during or alongside the conference, you may want to consider attending one of the upcoming conferences.  At the bottom of this post, I’ve included a little more information on just a few of the many that are coming up in the next half-year (in order on the calendar). Check ’em out!

(By the way, I’ll be presenting at the Academic conference on Feb 16th. I won’t be in the Academic track (since I don’t have Academic research to present), but instead I’ll be in the parallel Session B: Educational/Experiential Presentations. I’ll be presenting a very short segment — conference coordinator Dave Doleshal has asked for 30 minutes max! — about making Agreements, drawn from the material you can find serialized here in my Agreements Workbook entries.  I’m planning to have some form of the book ready for sale at that conference, so if you want it hot off the presses, you might want to consider attending!)

Want something smaller than a national conference?  Maybe you’d like to find a local group meeting? Check out the section on Groups and Events in my Resources page, or go directly to this awesome group-finder gadget on ModernPoly.com, and see what options there are for finding a group near you!

And remember: No matter where you are, and no matter whom and how many you love:  Love is always OK!

~♥ Dawn

PS:  Did you miss Reid Mihalko’s awesome Relationship10x Webinar in December?  Good news!  You can still watch it!  Register here, and you’ll get access to all of his Relationship10x free informational videos, AND the free webinar! You can start the series at any time. Why not now? 🙂

PPS:  I’m an affiliate of Reid’s, so if you choose to purchase anything from that link, I’ll get a cut.  But I trust that you are capable of doing your own due diligence, and making sure that whatever you invest in is going to be of benefit to YOU. I think Reid’s awesome, and I think you will too. 🙂

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Poly Living 2013 banner

Poly Living in Philadelphia, Feb. 8-10, 2013

Since 2005 when George Marvil hosted the first Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia, it has been the best place to warm up your winter with fun, learning and polyamory community. Whether you are new to polyamory and wanting to find out more, a professional interested in helping clients or an experienced poly person looking to have fun with old friends, Poly Living is a great place to learn, explore and connect with real people.

Photo of Poly Living Attendees
Poly Living Attendees
 [Dawn sez:  I’ve been to Poly Living when it was in Seattle. It was a great conference there, and I’ve heard that the Philadelphia location is even better!]

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International Academic Polyamory Conference

Feb 15-17, 2013, in Berkeley, California, USA.

This conference will explore issues related to monogamous and nonmonogamous relationships from an interdisciplinary perspective. This event will be devoted to presentations of scientific and academic research related to polyamory, open relationships, “swinging,” other forms of consensual nonmonogamy and related subjects.  The conference does not take a position on whether consensual nonmonogamy is “good” or “bad,” or whether any particular type of nonmonogamous relationship is healthy or pathological. The intention of the event is explore the subject in as objective and unbiased a manner as possible. Presentations will cover various topics that offer some possible progress to a deeper and more complete understanding of the phenomenon of consensual non-monogamy.

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Atlanta Poly, Inc Logo

March 15-17, 2013
[This is the] third year of Atlanta Poly Weekend.  This conference is designed to further the education and advancement of poly friendly lifestyle choices in our community.  We aim to bring in the foremost speakers in our lifestyle to educate poly friendly community on matters regarding the family, the law, and social interactions and justice for those in our poly communities.

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CPAA logo

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association logo

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association is pleased to present
PolyCon – Claiming Our Right to Love

May 31 to June 2, 2013
in Vancouver, BC

Friday night reception.
Saturday all day workshop sessions and evening events hosted by local poly groups.
Sunday AGM for CPAA membership and poly community leadership networking event.


Poly As ID; Poly Living 2013; Harvard OKs Kink Club on Campus

Following on the discussions about polyamory as identity (or not): Dan Savage posted a few good comments from poly folk who believe that it’s possible to identify as poly and/or have poly as an orientation. Dan’s ability to take a step back and say “hey, I might be wrong here” is a big part of why many folks I know (me included) don’t just write him off altogether (despite some serious concerns about potential bigotry). Not sure he’s exactly saying that here, but at least he’s admitting that there might be another perspective, so that’s progress.

Poly Living 2013 banner

8th Annual Poly Living Conference, Feb 8-10, 2013

While I”m here, I’ll share the link to information about the upcoming Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia, February 8-10, 2013. They’ve got a great line-up of speakers, including a Keynote from Kamala Devi, lately one of the stars of the Showtime series “Polyamory: Married and Dating.”  Other presenters include Bay Area local Charles August, as well as a stellar line-up of presenters from around the country. Especially if you’re on the East Coast, you’ll want to consider attending this great conference.

And did you see the recent news from Harvard?  They’ve allowed an official Kink club on campus! I think this is great news for the wider world of alternative sexuality, and sex-positivity. For me, it begs the question, however, of whether polyamory is a “kink” at least for the purposes of this club?  What do you think?  Feel free to comment here, in private mail, or in my Facebook!

~♥ Dawn

PS:  Got Jealousy? Schedule a 1/2 hour free consultation with me, and get my Jealousy Judo pdf of tools to use to manage jealousy in yourself.  Because jealousy is no fun!

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Fallen Lake cover art

Poly-themed novel “Fallen Lake”; Journey to Wholeheartedness Workshop

Hey folks!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve come down with a nasty cold. :^( I’ve been mostly on my back for a couple of days now, with a super-sore throat and other symptoms. Fortunately for you, THAT kind of virus isn’t transmissible via the Internet!

Fallen Lake cover art

In the meantime, I thought I’d let local folks know about two upcoming events that I’m involved in.  First is the local East Bay Poly Potluck and Discussion on Tuesday 11/27, at which we’ll be hosting local SF Bay Area author Laird Harrison.  Laird will be doing a reading from his poly-themed novel, Fallen Lake, followed by some discussion (facilitated by yours truly.)   You can read more about the book at the publisher’s website.  Want to attend the discussion group, but you’re not yet on the EBPP/DG announcement list?  Write to me privately with your address and I’ll send you the announcement with the RSVP Google-spreadsheet link in it.

Interested in the novel, but can’t make it to the discussion? You can get a DISCOUNTED copy of the book for only $9 ($6.95 off the cover price).  Again, write to me in email with your email address, and I’ll be happy to send you the discount code. Want a signed copy of the book? Write directly to Laird: lairdh-fallenlake@yahoo.com.

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Journey to Wholeheartednewss Logo

And in other news, I’m part of a team working to bring a new workshop to the Bay Area for the first time in January of 2013 (1/25 through 1/27). This experiential workshop, called the Journey to Wholeheartedness,  is based on Brene Brown‘s important work on shame and vulnerability.  Longtime HAI Intern and presenter David Spinney will be presenting. If you’re on Facebook, you can find out more on the Journey to Wholeheartedness Event Page.  If you’re not on FB, you can read more at the Journey to Wholeheartedness website, or download a pdf flyer.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you watch the TED talks of Dr. Brown’s work.  Here are several YouTube links, for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying good health, and lots of love!

~♥ Dawn


PS:  Like my Love Outside the Box logo? Now you can get it on T-shirts, mugs, and ornaments! Check it out!


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Polyamory: Married and Dating

It’s Showtime for Polyamory!

The poly lists are all a-twitter (and a-facebook and a-google…) with the news about the upcoming Showtime series “Polyamory: Married and Dating,” which features the awesome Kamala Devi and her husband Michael McClure from San Diego, along with their extended “pod.” Seven half-hour segments will air Thursdays from July 12 through August 23.

You can check out the  promo clips here (the first one is 15 seconds, and the second one is 65 seconds):

Alan over at Poly in the News has covered in his usual complete fashion, if you’d like lots more information. 🙂.

Kamala is the Keynote Speaker for the upcoming World Polyamory Association conference as well, July 13-15, at Harbin Hotsprings. (I’ve been considering presenting as well, though health issues have so far kept me from committing.)

I had the opportunity to meet and interact with Kamala about two years back, and I can attest that she’s a wonderful, down-to-earth, and very sincere woman. I’m very excited that she’s involved with this project, and I think there’s a strong possibility that the show will be a very positive contribution to the media coverage of polyamory in the mainstream today. Given the recent, highly successful OPEN-SF Conference, and now this about-to-be-blockbuster series, I feel we’re living in extremely exciting times here in the polyamory/open/non-monogamous world.

What do you think? Is the increasing visibility of the poly community a good thing? Do you see challenges? Is Kamala’s association with tantra a good thing, or “too much sex”? How does this show sync up with the themes of diversity and visibility brought out at the recent OPEN-SF conference? What resonates for you?

As always, feel free to comment here, or on my Facebook, Love Outside The Box. I welcome your discussion and input!

~♥ Dawn

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts, recently. Since the OPEN-SF conference, I’ve been experiencing some health challenges that have whacked my energy. I’m starting to feel better, and getting back to doing more regular work now, though! Thanks for your patience. 🙂


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From Triads to Triadic Relationships (a response)

I had this whole post ready to go, and then my computer ate it.  Murphy and Mercury are laughing at my expense this week!  So rather than wait for perfection (I’m “getting a C!” as one of my mentors, Samantha Bennett would say!), I’m posting something shorter now. Please understand it’s not because I think this doesn’t deserve a longer post.  It does!

The other day, I had my mind blown. Here’s a quote to start with, although I’m not certain that it’s fully understandable without the full article that goes with it:

“Intimacy is, itself, the relationship between influence and risk.”

The article was first presented as the Opening Keynote at the recent Atlanta Poly Weekend, and is by a friend and* colleague of mine, maymay.  His thought is nuanced, complex, uncomfortable, and highly provoking.  I also think it’s brilliant and possibly one of the most important things I’ve read in quite a while.  It’s long, so take your time. But I think it will be worth it.

I think this bears directly on some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, e.g., my last post on Primary Privilege, and an earlier one, Appendix A: A model of polyamorous relationships. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on any of this.


As always, I welcome your input.  I think this deserves a lot of thought, and equal discussion.  Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook Page, LoveOTB.

Enjoy… or not…  ;^)

~♥ Dawn


*4/26/12, Edited to Add:

Wow. Maymay seems to think it’s perfectly ok to savage those who don’t agree with him 100%, call them names, and accuse them of derailing. That’s not really a communication style that I’m in favor of, and it leaves me feeling pretty uncomfortable to link to his speech.  I still think that his main thesis around triadic relationships is bold, interesting, and perhaps brilliant. I remain unconvinced of his assertions about “the BDSM community” being “unrepentantly evil.”  At this point, I’m not sure I’d advise attempting to engage him in conversation, in any online medium. The person I was previously pleased to call my friend seems to have left the building, to be replaced by maymay’s personal Mr. Hyde. Your mileage may certainly vary, so feel free to put on your asbestos undies, as they say, and read and/or comment as you see fit.  I certainly wouldn’t want to Dominate you without your permission, after all. (*wry smile*)

On the other hand, in the process of looking to see if a copy of his speech (sans comments) happened to be curated somewhere else, I did find this extremely interesting entry by thirdxlucky, On Dyad Fetishism: A Parallel Between Metamour Relationships and Body-Policing.  If you still have room for more thinking after reading maymay’s speech (or not reading it, as you decide…), I highly recommend reading this one, too.


©2012, Dawn M. Davidson

OPEN-SF heart avatar

OPEN-SF Conference June 8-10 — Join me!

OPEN-SF heart avatar


Yes, I will be presenting at the upcoming OPEN-SF Conference! Join me for what promises to be an AWESOME conference with some very unusual presentations and offerings. Not limited to “polyamory,” this conference invites and embraces all sorts of “open” and ethically non-monogamous relationships: Open marriages; open relationships; polyamory; swinging; sex-positive/sluts; friends-with-benefits; non-exclusive D/s relationships, and more! If you’re not exclusively monogamous (in some way or another), and you are open about that (with your partner/s, and possibly with others in your life), then this conference will have something to offer you.

If you register now, it’s only $60 for the whole weekend. And confidentially (and partly to help move you to register ASAP), the conference organizers are finding this all enough work that this conference may never happen again, or possibly only every few years.  So if you like what you see, vote with your feet and your wallets!  Make it a success, in numbers, in connections, and financially… and let them know that you love them for doing it!

I’ve included a slightly edited version of what I just got in email, so you can see all the awesome perks that registering now will get you. You know you want to!

Hope to see you in June!

~♥ Dawn


We have just announced our session lineup!  With this conference, we really wanted to do something different from previous poly/nonmonogamy conferences, and we have accomplished that.  In addition to the usual nonmonogamy skills workshops, and some new and advanced skill sessions, we have included a number of workshops, lectures, and panels that focus on the intersections between nonmonogamy and other groups or movements.  In addition, there are a number of sessions on sexuality (threesomes!  D/S in the bedroom!  fisting!) and various sessions that incorporate movement or the creative arts.

Check out the sessions and presenters here:

There’s no time like the present to register!  Not only should YOU register if you haven’t yet, but now is the time to get that recalcitrant friend on board!   Let them know that registering (currently $60) gets them the following things:

*  Access to over 35 excellent conference sessions on a variety of topics!
*  Two amazing keynote presentations!
*  Free entry to a Poly Speed Dating event and the Love Triangle dance club during the weekend.
*  Reduced entry to a special edition of the Friday Pink play party, and possibly another play party.
*  Reduced entry to a Cuddle Party on Sunday.
*  Access to various other social events at the hotel, yet to be announced!

Also, if you want a room at the hotel, now’s the time to book.  The Holiday Inn is close to full and we’ve lined up a backup hotel for the overflow.  Check out hotel information here:

The OpenSF Staff



©2012, Dawn M. Davidson

Capital Letter A

More on lists of lists; PolyEventsALLOver

Capital Letter A quick update about the poly events all over site (cross-posted from  my Weirdness Events Google Group):

The wonderful folks in Victoria BC are responsible for the polyeventsallover site.  It’s an aggregation of Google Calendars that list polyamory-related events. Anyone who has a Google Calendar for their poly group or events is welcome to submit the calendar.  It also gives a place for people to find poly events, and to be able to submit poly events to their area.  Each calendar lists the person to submit your local events to.

Note that because it’s NEW, and SELF-GENERATED, there’s not a lot on it in many places.  Please link your calendars here, please submit events, and please make use of this great new resource.

And as a super-early sneak preview, there’s someone on the Poly Leadership Network who’s trying to build a new site that will be a collection of links, and link to all sorts of poly stores etc. Again, it’s being designed to be something that is user-submitted and maintained, so fewer links should go dead because the site maintainer got tired of maintaining it. It’s still under development, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to use, which should be soon!

Best wishes!

~♥ Dawn


A list of poly lists!

Stained Glass Capital Letter Thanks to Joreth of The Inn Between for this useful list of lists! You can find this list, and other helpful links to more information about polyamory (online, and via books, etc) on my Maps & Charts: Resources Page. :^)

Aggregation sites related to polyamory:

Poly-Friendly Professionals: http://www.polychromatic.com/p​fp/main.php
Poly Groups: http://www.polygroups.com/
Poly Local Events: https://sites.google.com/site/polyeventsallover/Welcome [corrected link 8/17/11]
Poly Conferences: http://polyevents.blogspot.com​/
Polyamory In The News: http://polyinthemedia.blogspot​.com/
Poly Movies: http://www.theinnbetween.net/p​olymovies.html
Poly Music: http://www.theinnbetween.net/p​olymusic.html
Poly Books: http://www.theinnbetween.net/po​lybooks.html
Poly clothing & jewelry: http://polyinthemedia.blogspot​.com/2010/04/poly-jewelry-clot​hing-and-other.html


Remember: In the month of August, if you purchase a service from me I’ll donate half of my usual fee (still sliding scale) to a cause of your choice, in honor of Deanna Silverkrow. Contact me (unchartedlove[at]gmail{dot}com) to set up a time. Phone or Skype/Google anywhere in the world, or in-person in the SF East Bay.

I help you, you help me, and we both help others!  Win-Win-Win!

~♥ Dawn

New List of Polyamory Events

Capital Letter I thought folks here would be interested in Alan M’s new “List of Polyamory Events,” which covers the “larger” events around the US and elsewhere in the world.  He’d be very pleased if you’d bring his attention to any other such events that you might know of.

I’ll be adding this and a few other aggregation links to my Resources pages in the next few days.

Hope you’re loving and living well!

~♥ Dawn

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Poly conferences, retreats, and camps!

Looking for some fun polyamorous retreats this summer/fall?  Check out these conferences on US East and West Coasts!  There’s something for everyone.  Don’t see something that appeals in your neck of the woods?  Check out this handy WORLDWIDE poly group map, to locate meetings and events in your area!

~♥ Dawn


July 29 to July 31, 2011:

World Polyamory Association Conference – 2011 Harbin Hot Springs, N. CA.


August 26 to 29, 2011

Canoeing at Polycamp in Washington State

Canoeing at Polycamp in Washington State

Polycamp 2011, Millersylvania St. Park, WA


Sept. 9 to 11, 2011:

Loving More East Coast Conference 2010
Loving More East Coast Conference 2010

Loving More Events, Conferences, Retreats, and Workshops.
At Easton Mountain, near Troy, NY.