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Interchange! and New Education & Trainings Page

Some folks have been curious about the Interchange Counseling Training I participated in a few years back. The wonderful folks over at the Interchange Counseling Institute have recently released an awesome video to give you an idea of some of the benefits and topics covered in the training. Check it out!

As it happens, there’s an Interchange introductory evening in Santa Cruz Wednesday oops! THURSDAY night (9/29/11), and one last intro evening in SF on October 11th. Whether or not you will take the training, attending the intro evening will bring you some awesome exercises and a lot of fun. (If you sign up as a result of my recommendation, please mention my name!)

And finally, to feature this video on a permanent basis, I’ve created a new Page in my About menu (in the SIDEbar; the top menu doesn’t work yet!), that shows this video, and lists my educational background and trainings.


Enjoy, and feel free to ask me questions about any of this, whether here, in private e-mail, or on my FB Page: Love Outside The Box.

 ~♥ Dawn

PS: Thanks to all my Interchange classmates!  You all rock. Thanks for being part of my life.


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