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Slut Shaming on the Playground (by Airial Clark)

Good Vibrations LogoFrom Airial Clark, blogging at Good Vibes Magazine, comes this AWESOME article on “slut-shaming.” Check out this excerpt, and the whole article at the link:

Slut-Shaming on the Playground

My older son is now 11 and wow… the sex negativity is increasing exponentially. …

This is where it gets interesting for me as a sex positive parent. My son just went from wishing he was sexy to shaming a girl for being just that? I rolled up my sleeves and got ready to do some unpacking. …

“So, it’s obvious I am jealous?” cue the ego deflation.

“Uh, yes. Majorly. You’re anxious about when you’re going to be ready, you’re anxious for a girl to like you, and you’re angry that this person in your class is doing what you can’t, and you’re probably a little pissed that she isn’t doing it with you.” Did I just unpack slut-shaming for the 11 year old? Yes, I think I did. …

I’m learning that what goes down in the dorm room starts on the playground. And mama ain’t havin’ it.

That’s one sexy smart mama, alright, with really important wisdom for all of us:

“you’re angry that this person … is doing what you can’t, and you’re probably a little pissed that [the person you’re shaming] isn’t doing it with you.”

Remember that, the next time someone shames you for “being a slut” –or anything else, really:  It’s very likely they’re actually envious of you!

~♥ Dawn

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Closing Arguments in Canadian Polygamy Case

Update in the Canadian Polygamy case.


Written closing arguments have been filed [in the Canadian Polygamy case].
Oral closing arguments are expected to be heard between March 28 and April 8 (10 days).
The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has obtained the right (a first in BC) to video tape court proceedings and will do a webcast (video and sound) of the closing arguments. …

Our closing argument was designed to piggy back on the closing argument of the Amicus, who did a great job focusing on the law generally. He also has a significant section in his brief on international law, including US. The CPAA closing is focused on the facts surrounding polyamory.  John Ince intends to read the affidavits of our poly families into the record as part of the closing, as we did not present any oral evidence.
More at the link.