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The four P’s: Privacy, Politics, Polygamy, and Polyamory

What do polygamy and polyamory have to do with one another, besides starting with the same Greek root word and the same letter of the alphabet? Politics and privacy are two of many places they intersect, in my opinion.

“Sister Wives” (aka Kody Brown family) case lawyer, Jonathan Turley, makes the point that the case is not so much about the polyamory per se, but is really about privacy issues.  Here’s a roundup of his blog entries on the Kody Brown case, with Turley’s article from the New York Times on top at the moment.

Civil libertarians should not be scared away by the arguments of people like Justice Scalia. We should fight for privacy as an inclusive concept, benefiting everyone in the same way. Regardless of whether it is a gay or plural relationship, the struggle and the issue remains the same: the right to live your life according to your own values and faith. — Jonathan Turley

Thanks to Anita Wagner (of Practical Polyamory) & Jasmine (in an email on the PLN list) for the heads-up that May 31 brings another step in the process, that of hearing motions for summary judgement.  If the case isn’t thrown out at that point (for no merit or other reasons), then witnesses may be sought. It’s unclear whether all witness must be from Utah or not, but it has been pointed out that as with the Canadian case last year, they may be looking for a broad as well as local perspectives. If you’re interested in possibly taking part in any input on how polyamory relates to this case, you might want to consider contacting the Polyamory Media Association to begin a conversation as to whether you might have something to offer.  They’d be looking in particular for “…families with poly stories, community leaders with broad awareness of the wider poly community, and credentialed academics and professionals who might consider testifying. ”  Testifying would have some potentially very serious consequences, so consider it carefully. And know that nothing moves quickly in this realm — if it moves at all.


So what do YOU think?  How related ARE polyamory and polygamy?  Are they polar opposites? Common causes? Strange bedfellows? If you’ve got something to share, feel free to answer here, or in my Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/LoveOTB!

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