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Woodhull’s “Family Matters Project” launched

September 22, 2012
Jeffrey Montgomery
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Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

The much-anticipated launch of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance’s Family Matters Project took place at the opening plenary of this weekend’s Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. Ricci Levy, Woodhull’s Executive Director, announced the launch of the project during her opening remarks.

“Woodhull launched Family Matters to project the fundamental human right to family by eliminating discrimination based on family structure and relationship choices. In 2010, while more than half of all households counted by the US Census were family households, only 20% were what we consider traditional nuclear family households made up of a husband, a wife, and their own children. The Family Matters project will work to expand rights, respect and recognition for all families.” 

The Family Matters project will work along three strategic lines. 1) It will raise public awareness of family diversity through the sharing of stories and research and through a range of social media campaigns. 2) It will provide education about human rights at conferences and other public events. And 3) it will facilitate collaboration with human rights and social justice organizations to draft and promote model policies and legislation preventing discrimination based on family structure.

“The slogan for this project says it all,” Levy continued: “Rights, respect and recognition for every family. We focus on rights because all families deserve the same political social and economic rights regardless of their structure. We focus on respect because no family should face bullying, violence or stigmatization because of their relationship choices. We focus on recognition, because all families deserve to be recognized and taken into account, whether by the US Census Bureau, the IRS, or their neighbors and community members.”

Woodhull invites the participation of all families in kicking off this ambitious project by sharing family stories at  Family Matters Project.org

Woodhull is dedicated to sexual freedom and can be found at:  http://www.woodhullalliance.org/     This project will bring into focus all those various family structures in addition to Mom and Dad, Bob and Sis, Spot and Fluff, and the traditional white picket fence.

[thanks to Ken Haslam and others in e-mail]


How does this project affect YOUR family? What does your family look like?  How might it feel different to see your family represented?  How about just seeing another family that looks like yours? I for one am very excited about this human rights approach to family diversity. I think it allows us to side-step a lot of unnecessary discussion about religion.  Family DOES matter, and it’s a HUMAN right.

May you — and your family! — love boldly, safely, and well.

~♥ Dawn

PS: want to talk about your family, and why it matters? Feel free to drop me a line to ask for your own free 30-minute (or half-price 60 minute) session. I’m always happy to help other relationship explorers.



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Polys Between Rock and Hard Place, Canadian-Style

oday’s the big day that we’ve all been waiting for, for months, the day of the decision whether to uphold the Canadian anti-polygamy law.  Sadly, the news is very much NOT good for the polyamorous folks in Canada (and by extension and example, for anyone else): the judge upheld the law.  You can read a good analysis over in Alan’s Polyamory In the News blog: Polyamory in the News: Canadian Judge Upholds Anti-Polygamy Law. The ruling is extremely confusing, and discussion has been hot and heavy on many poly lists all day. The general conclusion, however, is that it is certainly not GOOD news for polyamorists.  Continue reading

Why Monogamy Is Ridiculous | Dan Savage | Big Think

A friend on FB sent me link to this piece by Dan Savage. Dan, of course, is not known for mincing words. What do you think about his statement that “Monogamy Is Ridiculous”? Agree? Disagree? Why, or why not?

Why Monogamy Is Ridiculous | Dan Savage | Big Think.

RIP Deanna Silverkrow: Another life that will never get better

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I thought today’s post would be the second one discussing reasons for having Agreements. I had it all written, posted, formatted and scheduled. But I’ve delayed it for day, because today I got some very bad news, and I need to write about it. It’s a bit long, but I feel that’s fitting in some ways, to balance out a life cut short.


The work of the individual, of the soul, is to engage in conscious integration, compassion, and internal dialogue, in order to bring these parts into harmonious interaction and balance.

A couple of years back, I was in a 9 month training program called Shamanic Soul Coaching™, created by Francesca Gentille.  This method is her own, created from her own personal experiences, and her experience with a number of other psychological and shamanic systems (e.g., Inner Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Shamanic Depth Psychology, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Jungian Psychotherapy, and Caroline Myss:Sacred Contracts.)  It also bears some resemblance to another system that Francesca did not study, called the Internal Family Systems Model. Each of these systems can work well for some people; each of them have their own flavor and particular applications. One thing all of them share, is that they agree that within each individual there are multiple parts to the Inner Reality. The work of the individual, of the soul, is to engage in conscious integration, compassion, and internal dialogue, in order to bring these parts into harmonious interaction and balance. It’s a journey that most people never complete, because there’s always some small way in which we can improve ourselves, treat others and ourselves more kindly, or communicate more clearly and compassionately. That said, as we engage in this work, through sessions with others, through training, and through our own daily practices, we gradually heal our traumas, and we become more whole and complete, happier, more alive, and more able to share our own gifts and talents with the world. Not an easy journey, but highly worthwhile.

Two years ago, I spent nine months in this training with a very special group of seven students. We became familiar with each others’ traumas; we grew to know each other well, and to understand our strengths and weaknesses. I consider my fellow students to be part of my “tribe,” and I care deeply about each of them. Two of them, “Deanna” and “Lilith” (the names by which they were known in their community), immediately took their training and followed their hearts to establish New Pagan Journeys, a pagan community and store in OR. I admired their courage in pursuing their dreams and passions so fully. On the way to Loving More‘s Poly Living conference in Seattle last year, I arranged a layover, and managed to see their store—though I almost missed my flight to do it! Deanna’s calm and good humor while facing the intense traffic was amazing, and we shared smiles in the sunshine of the drive, despite the tension.  It was the last time I would see her.

Today I found out from one of our fellow journeyers that about a month ago Deanna had taken her own life.

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polyamory pride march banner

New York Gets Better

polyamory pride march banner

Polyamory contingent at San Francisco Pride, 2004

Capital Letter It is utterly fitting, of course, that the state in which I was raised–New York–has legalized same sex marriage on “Pride Weekend,” the time of the year when GLBTQQI* (and some polyamorous people) celebrate (or openly flaunt, depending on your point of view) their pride in being gloriously, flamingly, and wondrously GLBTQQI* (and/or polyamorous), with parades in most major cities around the country, rainbow flags flying high, and feeling of hope and festivity–LOTS of festivity!–in the air.

It’s also fitting, in my opinion, that this decision was made on the weekend which stems from the remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. Underlying all the somewhat frantically waving rainbow flags is the memory that only a generation ago, people were regularly killed for being any flavor of queer.

Stonewall Inn, 1969

Stonewall Inn, 1969

Sadly, though such deaths are no longer condoned as widely, they’re still occurring with distressing regularity. Nor are they limited to the US.

And sometimes the hand that takes a gay person’s life is their own, as living in the daily culture of fear and oppression simply becomes too much to bear.

Target has joined the party by contributing a highly ironic video in the “It Gets Better” campaign, despite their own concurrent donations to anti-gay causes and politicians. Way to talk out of both sides of your mouth, Target.

Honestly, this whole “It Gets Better” campaign bothers me a bit. It shouldn’t HAVE to “get better”! It should be fine already, without the hazing and the bullying and the epithets and the deaths. And oh yeah, about those deaths… I don’t think it gets better for them. Or their families and friends.

Yes, it’s great to see so many people standing up to give some hope to beleaguered GLBT teens (and adults). But don’t imagine that saying the equivalent of “some of my best friends are bla…er… GAY” isn’t anything more than 1 step on an immensely long road. Yes, we should take a moment to celebrate the progress (Hooray NY! 6 states down, only 44 to go, not counting the territories….) But until this “It Gets Better” campaign is UNNECESSARY and unthinkable, we’re not there yet.

Waving Rainbow FlagHooray! *cheers*

*clapping* *whistling*

*general merriment*

Now, “chop wood, carry water.”

~♥ Dawn



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