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Capital Letter A

Freaks United: Raising my glass with the Living Libertine

Capital Letter A

fellow blogger in England says:



Let’s all stop pretending that we’re nothing alike, stop supporting negative stereotypes of groups we aren’t in just so we can appear superior, and join hands as freaks united. Let’s charge those normal folks together, as a united front. Maybe then we’ll all finally see how few of them there really are.

Read the whole thing here.

Amen, Hallelujah, Right ON!, Word Up, Make It So, So Mote it Be and YES!


~♥ Dawn

PS: For the musically inclined, P!nk says it well (if a bit grittily ;^):

swingset on a playground

Q&A: Poly vs. Swinging

Are Polyamory and Swinging the same thing?



Capital Letter A My answers range from No to “Yes and No.” In general, the emphasis in polyamory is on the “amory”–love relationships are the POINT. The emphasis in swinging is on the recreational sex, and love relationships are often AVOIDED. That said, it is certainly possible to be both a polyamorous person, and to engage in swinging behaviors, and vice versa. I think the two groups have a lot in common, and more overlap than either extreme would prefer to admit sometimes! I like to consider us strong allies for each other, and friends with similar political goals, in many cases.

~♥ Dawn