What Is Couple Privilege?


Fellow poly blogger Franklin, aka Tacit (deservedly well-known for his site More Than Two), recently published a very interesting article in his Live Journal about “couple privilege.” Rather than try to reinvent the wheel here, I’ll let you read his own words about what that means:

Polyamory: So What Is Couple Privilege, Anyway?


I also wrote a bit about this concept last year, in an entry called “Primary Privilege and the Illusion of Security,” in case you’re interested in reading more.
It might be worth noting, as I am publishing this on April 15, tax day, that one of the privileges accorded to married couples in the US is that of filling taxes as Married, which can often result in tax savings over two individuals filing separately. This privilege is not available to non-married couples, nor is a comparable tax rate available to singles (or groups of more than 2, for that matter!). This is only the the most obvious tip of the iceberg around the vast numbers of privileges afforded to couples, in particular (but not limited to, in most cases) married, heterosexual couples.

As always, I welcome your thoughts. Some questions you might find interesting: How does couple privilege show up in your relationship/s? Do you think it’s good to “protect the couple”? Bad to perpetuate privilege? Neither, or both? Feel free to contact me (or comment below) with any feedback or comments.

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